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Our state-of-the-art fare distribution tool LION (LPM Integrated Order Network) helps you to reduce manual work through well-structured templates and an automated fare filing process. We enable you to act with speed-to-market, reduce errors and save costs by allowing fare filing with single data inputs and supporting real-time filing from an end-to-end perspective. Our well established connection to ATPCO allows us to ensure high quality distribution of your fares in all major GDS. With LION you can rely on guaranteed quality regarding all of our filing services.

  • Reservation booking designators (RBD)
  • Fares, rules, footnotes and routings
  • Fare by rule
  • Private and negotiated fares
  • Fees and taxes

Total price process

Our total price filing services allow you to publish new market prices and match competitive offers with speed-to-market. All you need to do is simply provide us with the desired final prices, and we will ensure that the right base fares will be filed under consideration of all applicable surcharges and taxes. Our proprietary fare distribution tool LION automatically calculates the appropriate net fares based on the final prices you provide to us.

Structural review

With our unique software tool LION you can implement fare structures that are aligned with the customer’s needs and consider an optimal number of price points and logical fare increases between and within fare families or branded fares. Our tool will assist you in analyzing your existing and planned new fare structures prior to publication. A check performed by our specialists ensures that fare levels stay within predefined bandwidths. If requested, deviations from defined guidelines will be documented through an automated approval process.

Competitive monitoring and matching process

The highly competitive nature of the airline industry requires constant monitoring of fares published by other airlines and strategic decision-making to either match or undercut these fares. At LPM, we tailor benchmarking and business intelligence solutions to convert market knowledge into action. Our market intelligence tools are designed to exactly meet your requirements. We apply automated procedures to identify and process relevant data and translate it into meaningful information to enhance your decision-making processes. We thus support quick information access and speed-to-market for time-critical pricing decisions.

Vendor access

Today’s constant increase in fares that are only accessible to selected vendors calls for an effective vendor access management system. We can support you in successfully managing the accessibility of your fares on agency level, whether you aim to control published, private, contracted or NDC fares. Our automated solution ensures an immediate implementation of access rules to help you optimize your processes.

Contract implementation

Ensuring exclusive accessibility to eligible agents and vendor partners is crucial when filing contracted fares. Our contract management method provides you with automated solutions to ensure an error-free distribution of your contracted fares to your partners.


When introducing promotional fares, speed-to-market is a crucial success factor. Our standardized templates and automated solutions allow you to quickly publish promotional fares to react to competitors‘ activities or promote your services in a specific market or season. Our total price process allows you to focus solely on the end price you plan to promote, while our software tool LION will calculate the appropriate net fare to file under consideration of all applicable surcharges and fees.