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Public and private fares

We have been a partner of ATPCO for more than two decades and play a significant role in all of their working groups. With our broad experience in public and private fare filings through ATPCO under various categories like 25/31/33 and 35, we assist and enable our customers to code their fares, rules, fare by rule, fees and taxes etc. directly into their databases.

This data is then globally released to all relevant GDS. By restructuring and standardizing your existing fare filing method, we deliver you a comprehensive fare filing solution that increases your efficiency. With our automation and workflow tool LION we can set the process workflow for both new and amendment contracts in place as well as an automated quality frame check matrix for achieving 100% accuracy in minimum time.

Branded fares

By offering branded fares to your customers, you provide them with the opportunity to choose bundles with additional options and features to perfectly match their preferences and the purpose of their journey. As an example, these features might include refundability and miles accrual, a seat reservation or additional baggage. In doing so, you can promote specific features that set you apart from your competitors and build both, brand recognition and loyalty. Our experts consult you on how to distribute your branded fares to all systems and can further enhance your conversion rate and promote customer retention.

Climate fares

Travel is an important part of our lives – it brings people together, strengthens our business relationships and breaks down cultural barriers. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine a world without flying. But to protect our environment, it is crucial to travel responsibly. We believe that the first step towards more responsibility in traveling is transparency. We need to understand our individual travel patterns in order to become aware and make a change.

That is why LPM offers you the possibility of filing climate compensation fares directly for your customers without having to use a third party such as Compensaid. This allows your customers to book fares directly via your website, whilst skipping the step of having to complete another login process to insert their payment information. This process reduces costs and gains efficiencies for your airline and for your customers.


Ancillary services have become a crucial revenue component for many airlines to reach and maintain profitability. Our experts support you in filing and distributing the prices for ancillary services and products with speed-to-market and a high level of quality. We support the price distribution of all types of ancillary services and products, such as à la carte services or commissions for products or services of partners (e.g. hotels, rental cars, insurance).

YQ / YR filings

Fuel surcharges, simply abbreviated as YQ/YR, have become an important part of fare filings for all airlines over the past years as they are often charged as additional fees to the customer. With our vast experience in fuel surcharge filings, we can support you with implementing your revenue management strategy with respect to fuel surcharges.

Competitor monitoring and benchmarking

In the highly competitive and dynamic airline industry, you need to stay ahead of the competition by knowing instantly when competitors are making changes and having the ability to react quickly. With our tailored benchmarking and business intelligence solutions, you will be able to do so. Based on market monitoring tools developed to exactly meet your requirements, we apply automated procedures to identify and process data and then translate it into meaningful information, so you can decide on appropriate measures.

This approach also gives you the advantage of being able to act quickly when confronted with critical pricing decisions. With LPM’s competitor monitoring and benchmarking tools you reduce costs through automated processes and develop potential for increased revenue at the same time.

Tour operator and
consolidator fares

Today’s landscape of tour operators has become highly competitive, as many of these companies aim to achieve a high volume of turnover and maximum international and domestic market share by offering the best travel deals. With our long-lasting expertise in fare filing in ATPCO, our specialists at LPM can assist you in coding your tour operator and consolidator fares directly into your database.

FareXpert Amadeus

If you are required to directly distribute your fares through the GDS Amadeus instead of ATPCO, the FareXpert filing platform allows you to store and update your data directly. With the Negotiated Fares module, you can specify all your fare conditions and amounts. The Dynamic Discounted Fares module is for percent-off deals – ideal for corporate fares and campaigns.

We at LPM have the professional experience to support you with your fare filing strategy, which also enables real time filings directly into the Amadeus FareXpert tool. In particular, we offer consulting in screening of fare structures and rules. Together we will design a model and develop a recommendation for an enduring and cost-efficient fare filing structure.