Lufthansa Process Management

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Pricing or revenue manager

Appropriate and efficient pricing standards and processes are crucial for your airline’s profitability. Swift reactions to competition and quick implementation of commercial pricing decisions require an efficient fare filing process. High quality of fare distribution standards are a must as errors in fare filings can cause huge amount of costs and damage your company’s reputation. Fare Filing needs to be as simple as possible to spend more time to commercial related tasks. We support you in realizing your commercial goals by developing appropriate fare concepts and publishing of prices for all of your markets correctly and on time. Our state-of-the-art fare distribution tool LION (LPM Integrated Order Network) supports you to simplify your fare filing and your team to implement your fare filings with speed-to-market at a quality level of 99.6%.

Procurement manager

In your role as a procurement manager, performing procurement & setting up of cost control systems play a crucial role in your daily business. It is important to ensure that the business selection of your fare distribution provider will support you in achieving your goals. It would also mean finding a system partner that would strike a balance between quality and cost for your organisation. Whether you plan to save costs by increasing the efficiency of your providers, or want to achieve better quality and customer satisfaction at an affordable rate, we at LPM can assist you in developing and implementing the appropriate measures.