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Fare filing

Push your revenue management with effective fare filing

An effective fare distribution and fare filing process are the key success factors in revenue management. As the industry follows a dynamic pricing mechanism, providing the correct airfare at the right time to the right customer is important. Excellent circumstances regarding consumer behavior and market conditions determine an ideal fare filing and fare distribution.

Our fare filing service provides you with the most competitive prices. The improvement of efficiencies is one of the main aspects when it comes to a good fare filing. This is why we provide you with a time-saving and effective process. We are aware of the various challenges regarding the fare filing situation around the globe. We can assist you with filing the correct taxes for each country and loading information nearly in real time.

Benefits of fare filing:
  • Provide the best offer at the right time to the customer
  • Automate the entire fare filing process
  • Save time
  • Make the fare filing process easier
  • Reduce the cost of managing fare content
  • Better accuracy and security

Work with a leading player in the industry and optimize your fare filing process

Now you understand that an effective fare filing process in this competitive airline industry is crucial. Increase your revenue with our expertise. Prevent errors in fare filings from happening again in the future and save costs at the same time.

Lufthansa LPM Services has long-term experience in this sector. With a well-established and renowned German brand and one of the largest airlines in the world, we can guarantee our know-how in this industry. We assist you with implementing a better fare distribution and fare filing process. Our services with consulting and implementation with our proprietary Software LION (LPM Integrated Order Network) will help you to reach your revenue targets more cost-efficiently.