25 Years

of Leading and Innovating
Fare Distribution

25th anniversary

As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we reflect on the dynamic and ever-changing world of airline fare distribution, and the integral role that Lufthansa Process Management GmbH (LPM) has played in shaping the industry. From our humble beginnings in 1998 as an independent subsidiary of Lufthansa, we have emerged as a leading player in fare distribution, constantly innovating to adapt to new technologies and digitalization trends.

Modernizing Fare Distribution
with LION
Our digital Fare Filing Platform LION has been instrumental in modernizing the implementation of fares, and our expert team of pricing consultants contributes significantly to spearheading strategic and innovative pricing projects, such as branded fares, or more recently, green fares. Our dedication to providing simple and efficient solutions for pricing professionals has been a driving force behind our achievements in the past 25 years.

We take pride in the fact that LPM has set the market standard for fare distribution, making it possible for airlines of all sizes to easily access and distribute fares across all channels. Our unique ability to automate the calculation of end prices for European areas has helped prevent costly errors, so-called ‘ErrorFares’, that can harm airlines.

From Integration to Innovation

As part of the Revenue Management Community of Lufthansa Group and a trusted system partner, LPM has played a vital role in integrating SN into the digital fare filing platform LION. With LPM’s expert guidance, Eurowings Discover became seamlessly integrated into the world of fare distribution, making it visible and bookable across all channels. 

Our team of fifty dedicated employees in Bratislava and Neu-Isenburg is grateful for the trust and confidence shown to us by the Lufthansa Group and our clients worldwide. As we mark our 25th anniversary, we are proud of the significant impact we have had on the airline industry, and we look forward to continuing to drive innovation and excellence in fare distribution for years to come!